21st Aug 2011

911 Emergency

The children learn about emergencies through special guests and lessons. They learn about Policemen, Firemen, and Doctors.

21st Aug 2011

Farm Theme

Every year when it’s time to celebrate our farm theme the daycare changes its look and the children learn about farm animals. ¬†We invite baby chicks into our daycare for two weeks and watch them grow. The children also experience […]

21st Aug 2011


Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate others and give thanks. The children learn about the foods that are harvested in the fall and learn to be thankful for our meals. We celebrate by preparing a turkey dinner to share with […]

15th Aug 2011

St. Patricks Day

The whole theme is filled with St. Patricks crafts, stories and songs. On the special day we play a variety of games and Irish preschool music. At lunch we have a special picnic with the children. The Leprechaun pays a […]

15th Aug 2011

Graduation and Year End

Children graduate when they will be entering elementary school. We have a year end party in which we celebrate the child’s growth and reward them for their accomplishments. Grad celebrations are held at a public park where the children have […]

15th Aug 2011

Easter Activites

Easter is another theme and celebration that happens here at Koala Bear Daycare. The daycare transforms itself into an easter themed environment. The children enjoy Easter related crafts, songs and stories. On our Easter party day children enjoy activities like […]

10th Jul 2011

Chef Day

The children love to cook. Giving them self confidence and pride in learning something new. They learn about measurements, ingredients, nutrition and taking turns. Once the food comes out of the oven the children are proud of their accomplishments. What […]

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