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Children and Technology

31st Mar 2014

10 Step Plan to Unplug Children from Tech for homes, schools, and communities

by Cris Rowan

Many enlightened parents and teachers agree that the ways in which we are raising and educating children with technology are not sustainable. While many homes and schools are successfully using technology with care and caution, some are not. Competent and overusers of technology could benefit from a 24 hour Tech Unplug, which will remind everyone that periods without technology really are achievable, and provide opportunities for families, classrooms, offices, and whole communities to come together and recreate the fabric that binds them all to each other.

Reducing the use of technology in homes, schools, and community doesn’t have to be punative or depressing, but does require some planning for a successful and enriching experience by all. Below is the Zone’in Ten Step Plan to Unplug Children from Tech, including resources and helpful hints. This 10 step plan was created by pediatric occupational therapist Cris Rowan who is passionate about changing the ways in which children use technology in order to enhance their development and learning.

Ten steps to successfully unplug children from technology -helpful hints

You might want to visit the National Day of Unplugging website www.nationaldayofunplugging.com and take the 24 hour pledge to unplug from all technology starting sundown March 7, and ending sundown March 8, 2014. Who knows…a Tech Unplug might be so much fun, it will become a weekly habit! You might want to watch the following video clips with your partner, family, students, or co-workers, which provide helpful information and motivation that might just inspire your Tech Unplug.

Yelp – film trailer for documentary Connected by Tiffany Shlain

Sort of Dunno Nothin – rap video by Peter Denahy

National Day of unplugging – adults talking about unplugging

Reality Check – video clip showing results of child tech overuse

Suffer the Children – slide show with research on impact of tech on children

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